Beauty and the Beast Post-Con Sale

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BATB Spec Jewelry

To purchase, send an email to JoAnn (joannb23 “at” yahoo “dot” com) listing the SKU numbers and a short description of the item. The SKU
numbers are the numbers in the top left hand side of the item showing in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx). 
JoAnn will verify the items are in stock (or haven’t already been sold) and send you the sum of the items, plus the postage to send them to you. Some items will be sent from JoAnn, or some items may come from Rosemarie and she will send you the postage needed, or a few items are with Pat, and she will let you know the postage.

You will either write Rosemarie a check or send her a payment via PayPal (use the Friends and Family option to avoid a fee taken out, please, and send it to radcliffe052002 “at” yahoo “dot” com.) Once payment is verified, items will be shipped.
Thank you for shopping with us! We hope you enjoy your purchases.