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To Zanzibar and Shangri-La: Devin runs away, works at the docks, meets Stosh K. At 17-18, now best friends, they go off to explore the world. What won't they conquer? G AltBegin Claire claire DOT cosi -AT- gmail DOT com 2018-02-17 12:59:07
What if Anna had not lost her child and Vincent was still found and taken Below? U AltBegin Mel Sadiep19-AT-aol-DOT- com 2018-02-17 17:02:09
If Vincent draws, surely there is a number of pictures of Catherine he drew to look at when alone! It looks like he drew the picture of the man who bought children from Ridley Hall in ACS. U 1 Pat 2018-02-18 15:17:22
So what was the date like between Joe and Gina in ADS when they went for lasagna? How did it go? How long did they see each other? U Classic Pat 2018-02-18 16:19:38
What did Mitch mean when he yelled " You Don't know what we unleashed" in The Beast Within U 0 Allison and Cindy 2018-02-19 00:30:58
The moment in the Pilot,in the subbasement,just after Vincent walked away leaving Catherine to return Above for the first time and just before she turns to walk to the ladder to her basement,what was going through her mind? What was she thinking, feeling? Could she feel her new-found strength growing? U 1 Teresa 2018-02-19 11:19:21
What would happen if Catherines son Jacob who comes from the future into the past was the one who saved her from from the morphine injection. Any possibilities at all? U SND Louise 2018-02-22 07:46:00
Olivia and Catherine finally have it out over sending Kanin to jail. Meanwhile Kanin's topside relatives want to reestablish ties with him and he has to decide whether or not to tell them about Olivia and Luke. U 0 Ruby 2018-02-23 12:09:22
Vincent and Catherine's daughter, Caroline, is in her mid to late teens and going through her own time of madness, wandering the catacombs. Vincent and Catherine are keeping vigil. What are they thinking? Talking about? What hallucinations, or visions, is Caroline experiencing? U 0 Ruby 2018-02-23 12:12:36
Helpers/Hearthside: Stores+restaurants dispose of so much edible food. Such waste! Is it? Things are different in NYC where Helpers keep watch G 0 Claire claire.cosi gmail 2018-02-25 15:59:57
Self-referential (implied), Extended Tunnels, comedy: Cullen and Mouse get busy with the new extension to the great warren at a trusted Helper's in the outskirts U 0 Claire claire.cosi at gmail 2018-02-25 16:42:18
What was Catherine and Elliott's second date? She agreed after the lunch delivery fiasco. They end up walking outside, but what went on before? U 1 Pat Macpatlurv 2018-02-25 16:49:29
What was Catherine and Elliott's second date? She agreed after the lunch delivery fiasco. They end up walking outside, but what went on before? U 1 Pat Macpatlurv 2018-02-26 07:51:50
Crossover (pre-PoS x Marvel): Devin wasn't in Kenya last week. He was in Wakanda. Interesting women? The Dora Milaje kicked his pretty bones out of the country. U 1 Claire claire cosi at gmail 2018-02-27 13:14:54
PoS: Vincent takes Catherine Below and shows her his trunk of childhood treasures instead of keeping his first guess about Devin to himself. G 1 Claire claire cosi at gmail 2018-02-27 13:33:37
CoI: Fake Father just smells wrong and Vincent doesn't buy it. Catherine doesn't leave him alone either. They get a tad more info from Narcissa. They don't let the "alt truth" scene unfold. They also question things more. Get to Jacob faster. (The rest is up to you, but the worst is averted) PG 2 Claire claire cosi at gmail 2018-02-27 14:15:23
Catherine in a haze of drugs escapes Gabriel. She's found by a street urchin who takes her to the abandoned place she's been squatting with a friend, Rolley. Rolley has seen her face before but can't remember where. She gives birth, and the trio look after each other for some weeks. Her memory returns in pieces, and Rolley realizes where U SND Ruby 2018-02-27 23:37:35
Vincent makes the rules in the relationship between himself and Catherine. Catherine is willing to sacrifice much and jump through any hoop to stay in the relationship with Vincent. Is this emotional abuse on Vincent's part? In one of her roles as an ADA, she works with domestic abuse victims. Seeing their relationship in this light, does Catherine confront Vincent about the lopsided nature of their love? U Classic Zanna Zanna_Z at yahoo 2018-03-04 16:36:02
[Apr12, sports and games Below] Joe loses at darts against some tunnel kids he met uptop in his rare free time. Catherine finds out. Smugness and hilarity ensue. G CntClassic Claire claire.cosi at gmail 2018-04-12 15:30:28
In Dark Spirit, Vincent is on his way to visit Narcissa. Going through the rotunda-like area, he stoops and brushes sand away to find an arrow pointing straight ahead. So. How did that arrow get there? What does it mean? Hmmm? U 0 Pat 2018-04-22 13:33:57
Catherine shows many Cary Grant movies to Vincent in her apartment. They have an interesting discussion about what women want from men, the debonair romantic like Grant?, and Vincent's doubts that he can ever be who she wants. U Classic Pat 2018-07-07 19:14:13
In the Pilot, Peter Alcott finds out about Catherine's presence in the Tunnels shortly before she is well enough to go. G AltBegin Claire claire.cosi or nyc.utopia at Gmail 2019-12-05 15:19:52

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